[Source] Leather cord

Hello all,

Can anybody suggest a good source for round leather cord, 2mm & 3mm?
Is Greek leather the best way to go? Am digging around for well-made
(round) braided leather cord 2-4mm sizes as well. Ebay has some
potentials for both but thought I’d see if anyone here has a trusted
source they’d be willing to share before taking a chance on an

Thank you for any suggestions :slight_smile: Carol

I don’t have a catalog with me but I believe that Rio Grande has
both round and braided leather cord.

Joel Schwalb


Try Tandy Leather. You can order online. Their leather lace and cord
selection can be found at
http://www.tandyleather.com/products.asp?dept=257. I’ve used them
before (for items other than cord, admittedly) and have found them

Good luck,

Hi Carol,

Tandy Leather seems to be my best source so far. I did find a
provider of Greek leather http://www.beadsandpieces.com/lebeco.html,
but I haven’t purchased from them yet. I haven’t seen anyone else
sell quantities this large. But, if you just want the smaller
quantities, the Tandy leather in dark brown and black is great. The
natural is a bit weak.


Hi Carole,

I can definitely recommend B Toucan for Greek leather cord. They have
the best wholesale prices that I have found anywhere, they are fast
at filling and shipping orders, don’t overcharge for shipping and are
super friendly if you have to reach them by phone. Greek leather is
definitely the best way to go. The leather coming out of India is
just to fragile and we find it breaks easily. The Greek leather takes
a good knot and stays secure. I can also recommend Mykonos Beads for
Greek leather. They carry the same leather as B Toucan but have more
colors. Mykonos is a little more expensive so I’d only by colors from
them that you can’t get from B Toucan. (A quick note: B Toucan does
carry 3mm leather but recently pulled it from the site due to a
backorder issue in Greece. It will be back when it is available. In
the meantime, you can get 3mm from Mykonos Beads in black or brown
while it lasts.)


We go through a lot of leather so I’m confident in recommending B
Toucan and Greek leather over other leather cords. And the usual, no
affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Good Luck,
Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts