[Source] Leather and hide

I’m interested in using leathers and hides in my work (actual pieces
of leather and hide that I would “set”…not just for cording). Do
you have vendors you would suggest? Wholesale is preferred of
course. Thanks!

Alaina Burnett

In Metropolitan Sydney Australia, I can recommend two merchants.

  1. For craft leathers and substancial leathers, tooling, stains etc.
    “Birdsall Leather & Craft”

  2. NSW Leather, for fashion and garment leathers.

Personally been crafting, sculpting and experimenting with leather
for many years, and will always help out if I can.

Regards Charles A.

The Leather Factory (817) 496-4875387 E. Loop 820Ft. Worth, TX 76119
This is either the parent co, or Tandy is the parent co…either
case they’re the same.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I found these people fantastic to deal with. Very helpful and


If there is a deer processor around where you live, during deer
season you can probably get some hides from them, maybe free. You’d
have to tan it yourself though. Some also process cow, pig, fowl,
bear, etc.


Tandy Leather (franchised stores)…and…Quilceda tannery in
Marysville Waahington for deer and elk hides.

Thank you Barbara, Charles and Sharon! It never ceases to amaze me
that the great people of Ganoksin are always so willing to share
knowledge, expertise and sources. This has been a great help! I love
the idea of purchasing scraps…that’s something I hadn’t considered


Hi Guys,

Also if there is a deer farm around, you can get antlers, and antler
is very nice to work with.

Regards Charles A.

Actually you don’t even need a deer farm nearby. A number of them
sell antlers and stuff over the web.


Val - that is a great idea! I live in Wisconsin and there are
thousands of hunters around here! I’ll talk to my friends who hunt to
learn more about the process. I’m sure there would be many of the
businesses that cut steaks, etc. from the animals for the hunters
would have a lot of hides as well. And I’ll definitely check into
that source Mariana…elk hide would be fantastic to work with. Thank


Hi RC,

Actually you don't even need a deer farm nearby. A number of them
sell antlers and stuff over the web. 

Depends which country.

Here in Australia, if you import then you have to make sure the
antler will pass quarantine otherwise it will cost you, and you run
the risk of not getting the product. I traded Australian burls for
deer antler from a good friend of mine in the states. There was a lot
of preparation before those items got to me.

I recently found out about a deer farm that’s relatively close by.
They do a lot of felt, and the antlers are a byproduct… just less

Regards Charles A.

Google Moscow Hide and Fur for all kinds of animal products. Not a
customer, just fascinated by their selection.


Wow! Thank you Ray! Moscow Hide and Fur certainly has an extensive
inventory! I love it! I am so amazed by all of the fantastic ideas
and sources many of you have shared here on the forum and privately.
Thank you so much!

Alaina Burnett