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[Source] Layered Agate Sardonyx

Hi, I have been having some problems with my supplier of stones. I
carve Portrait Cameos mainly onto layered agate,

This material is specially dyed to be white on black or white on blue
or white on red. I have been using one supplier in Idar Oberstein,
Germany. I would really like to get some other suppliers, as on my
latest order, delivery changed from 10 days to over 22 days. This
left me with 4.5 days to carve a Portrait Cameo with 2 faces on it,
and set it in its frame. I usually carve a piece like this over 2

I ended up, sending the piece out, to the US, late, missing the
deadline of the customers wife’s birthday by 2 days. I hate to let a
customer down like this.

Anybody know if this material can be got from other than Germany,
Brazil maybe ? Can it be ordered as dyed slabs, which i could then
cut to size ?

I hope that someone out there can help.

Thanks, Gareth Eckley.