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[Source] Lavender Jade

Hi, I’m trying to locate some lavender jade that is either 5x7mm
or 6x8mm in size. Any recommendations for places to contact
for this? Thanks for the help!


Rochelle,The most knowledgable, helpful company that supplies
jade in every color and size is: Mason-Kay po box 65015 Denver
Co. 80206 800-722-7575 Ask for Vol V catalog (free)I have
even sent jade to them to get an opinion of quality and price,
and they did that at no charge!


For lavender jadite try the House of Onyx, Greenville, KY.
1/800/844-3100 or fax 1/270/338-9605.


Does anyone know of a supplier for carved lavender jade beads or
cabochons? Thanks

Timothy A. Hansen TAH Handcrafted Jewelry P.M.B. 131, 305 N. Second
Ave. Upland, California 91786-6028 U.S.A. E-Mail:

I have a very impressive jade and jade jewelry catalog from Mason -
Kay in Denver. The # is (888) MASONKAY or (800) 722-7575 or (303)
393-7575. All colors of jade including lavender. I have not bought
from them yet, but I saw their booth at Las Vegas last year. Rebeca

Timothy, I recommend Kirk Brock of Rock Solid Jade for lavender jade.
He usually has a good supply in many forms. Here’s his info; please
tell him that I referred you to him.

Kirk Brock
Rock Solid Jade
PO Box 10286
Albuquerque, NM 87184
Tel/Fax 505-890-1587
Cell 505-238-6716

Karen Hemmerle
Boulder, CO

I purchased beads, spheres and cabachons this year at Tucson and
Quartzsite, the sellers in Tucson were from overseas and told me they
would not do mail order, I wish they would, I could use more at this
point. The seller in Quartzsite did not have a business card and I
don’t know where he is from, I also bought some rough that I am
planning on cutting in the future.

Like you I would also like to know a supplier.


as I am reading all these posts, I feel a need to remind you of the
difference between “lavendar jade” = jadeite, from Burma,
translucent, expensive and purple jade = a fairly small percentage of
jade with a lot of quartzite, from Turkey, inexpensive.

Their has been a lot of this available lately, but please do not
mistake this for the true lavendar jade.

thanks for the opportunity to share with some really good people

gregor –