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[Source] Laser cutter

Hi to every one I wonder if any one knows where I can find a laser
cutter for gold silver and brass?

Hi mazen, I just ordered one from Germany, but this one is capable of
Deep 3D Engraving including surfaces. It will machine Silver, Gold,
Brass, Aluminiun (anodized or straight billet), Hardened Tool Steels
and Stainless etc. I have done extensive research on the topic of
what is available and what the capabilities of each system is.

There is so much to consider on whether you want a CO2 laser capable
of marking wood, plastics, and somewhat “mark” metals (not for me),
or a YAG laser to do marking and deep engraving, and also whether it
will be 2 1/2 D or Full 3D. Also whether the YAG is a Diode or lamp
pumped system, whether it is Q-switched or not etc. Very complex
stuff. A standard 100W yag laser will run approx. $46,000 plus a
chiller which will bring the cost to around $53,000. This will be
what is termed a class 4 laser because it does not have an enclosure.
You can add $10-20,000 for the enclosure to make it a class 1, (which
is advisable), and depending on what extra options you wish to add on
to enhance the capabilities adds even more money. The standard 100w
yag comes usually with Cambridge Galvos which is what steers the
beam to do its job. The system that I just ordered will have a 12
inch by 12 inch X and Y table to allow for a larger working range
because the work volume of a galvo steered lasers without the table
is 4 and a half inches in X and Y. This puts my system with all the
toys at $132,000 though. I needed a larger work volume to accommodate
several mold cavities at one time, and also to purchase pre-hardened
Punch Dies and laser engrave embossing dies and so on. Many companies
claim to be able to do this that and the other, but from what I
found, only 3 companies do it well, but really, only one company has
the software sorted out to where it is not only an extremely powerful
asset to the laser, but it is an excellent design package as a stand
alone solution. The drivers as they call them which is in fact the
CAM solution, is also extremelly smart in its approach to machining

I could go on and on, but that’s enough for now. This was the reason
I was asking about pricing on acid etching, not that I wanted to do
Acid Etching, but to offer a service as an alternative and possibly a
more cost effective solution.

Best Regards. Neil George