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[Source] Large steel bench block?

I am trying to find a large steel bench block. One company, Indian
Jeweler’s Supply, in Gallup, NM, used to carry an 8" round, flat
steel bench block, but they can’t get them anymore from their
supplier (a German made them for them, I was told) and they don’t
have anymore. Does anyone out there know where I can find a large
steel block, a finished one - not one I have to have finished or
finish myself? Or maybe someone has one they aren’t using and would
sell it to me?

Hope to hear from soneone soon! - Au revoir! Hobbs

hello there,

select: store
click on: online metals store
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good luck!
Bill taylor
retired - hobby
orange park fla.

The Largest steel block made by Karat is a 6" x 4".

Indian Jewelry Supply use to carry this from us.

Ask for Alex If they do not have in stock they can order this from
their supplier who happens to be in USA.

Kenneth Singh

I have a 35 lb anvil that I got from Cliff Caroll a local horseshoer
(Farier) supply place. He makes them himself in Larkspur, Colorado.
He ships worldwide. In fact he sells them to one of the major
jewelry suppliers. He also carries 70 lb and 125 lb models. They are
made from hardened cast iron. Hardened steel anvils are the best but
you will pay more for them. Cliff Caroll anvil start at $144 for the
35 lb.

You will need to work on the surface with some emory paper because it
is finished with probably 120 grit and it will leave lines in silver
and gold.

Rick Copeland

Allcraft in NYC has 8"x10"x3/4" finished steel blocks. About $100.00
or so. 800-645-7124

Try Gesswein they carry them.

Thanks Johneric


Allcraft has some nice big bench blocks, nicely finished----I think
they are about 10 inches by 8 inches.

Cynthia Eid


Allcraft Jewelry Supply ( in New York is
having problems with their website - Call 1-800-645-7124 and ask for
Their paper catalogue is available for $6.00 or with an
order. They are very helpful.

(They should not be confused with Allcraft Supply
( which sells craft, art, sewing and
scrapbook supplies.)


You could call a local machine shop and have them make one up in the
size you want. Describe exactly what you want rather than calling it
a bench block.



Although I’m still using the 4x4x1-1/4 hardened tool steel block
that I made in high school shop (about 1948) I have seen some
wonderful alternatives. Boeing Surplus used to have a huge tool room
just full of goodies. There I saw large cutter blanks, I think cobalt
high speed tool steel, about 2x6x1/2 and beautifully surface ground.
They were $10.00.

Try surplus and salvage sources, if you don’t find what you want let
me know and I’ll see if can find one.

Good luck.
Dr. Mac