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[Source] Large faceted stones

Hi everyone, could anyone recomend a place to get LARGE (over 20mm)
faceted stones, cheap ones either cz glass, nothing precious.


Hi Heather ,

I can custom cut CZ over 20mm for US $ 0.50 per ct , Email Me off
line for more details <@Crescent_Gems1>

Ahmed shareek

I’m not sure if this counts as cheap or not but I use
as my source for giant faceted stones (20-50mm). The stones are
lab-grown, and they don’t ever say exactly what, not even in
response to a direct email. But they are great for costume pieces or
when all I care about is size and color.

Epaul Fischer

There is a company called Channel Island Gems Limited who sell on
EBay under the User ID of sstringo. Their stones are exclusively
lab-created from corundum, and are the usual sapphires and rubies,
plus the colours of emeralds, peridot, tanzanite, alexandrite,
amethysts and many more, all with a range of shapes and sizes up to

I have a copy of their order form, and if you would like it please
email me off-list. Sizes on the order form go up to 20mm or so, and
for larger sizes you have to email and ask. It is worth checking out
their EBay listings as the larger stones also frequently appear

I have no connection with the company, but often buy lab stones from
them because of the good quality and fast delivery times.



There are lots of lapidary who can cut stones for you at a very
nominal cost for you. If you need the number please call me at my
office and I can help with this lapidary job.

The number is 212-764-2345

Anil G
Kris Gem

Stone House of Max Shuster (212)768-1999 1212 Ave of the Americas #7
New York, NY 10036, is a wholesale retailer for synthetics,
marcasites, foil backs, czs seed pearls, etc. They have a $50.00
minimum order. They have enormous cz’s in virtually any shape, I
don’t know about glass (you might have to hit the garage sales and
buy costume to dismember) Big Cz’s are not cheap, as in pennies,
but are cheaper than rio and larger. They do prefer to sell volume.

Hope this helps