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Greetings all,

I have a client who would like me to make a copy of the diamond ring
her mother always wore. The mom is now in a nursing home and the
kids are afraid to have her wearing such a big and valuable diamond
but the woman always wore this ring and is unhappy without it. I
think the center emerald-cut is over 13 cts. I need to find either a
very wide selection of cz’s or someone who is willing to cut them to
order. I have never seen a cz this big. I hadn’t ever seen a diamond
this big either, until they brought it in for appraisal–

I have looked around the web and am not exactly finding what I want.
They mostly want to sell me jewelry and I don’t see that what I’m
finding is wholesale either. I could buy stones that are pretty
close to what I’m copying and have them re-cut to match but this job
is taking me outside of my usual contacts as I am not normally using
cz’s in my work.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you.

Janet Alix


Try this! http://www.pehnec.com



I have faceted many diamond “replicas” in both CZ and colorless YAG,
most recently TODAY!. You may contact me offline if you wish.

Thank you,

Janet, Do you have an appraisal that gives the dimensions of the 13
Ct.? Do you have a detailed picture of the ring and it exact size? I
do forensic work and remodeling of lost pieces for insurance agents
and for people. I am a Certified Master Bench Jeweller, by Jewelers
of America and have 37 enjoyable years behind me and I would except
the challenge if given.

Stephen Wyrick, Certified Gemologist & CMBJ
San Antonio, Texas