[Source] Large copper sheets

Good morning (or afternoon), I am looking for large coppper sheets
for a good price. I have checked all the local hardware shops and
they do not carryor the prices is not worth the amount they are
trying to sell.

Does anyone have a source for copper sheets?

CreatedWithFire Studio’s

Tina, I don’t know where you live, but here in Portland, Or. I get my
copper from Alaska Brass and Coppper. I purchase 4’X8’ sheets, and
have them cut them in half so that I can get them into my car. I use
a lot of it as I do large enamel on copper wall pieces.

Copper prices have zoomed of late, so be prepared for high prices.
Alma Rands

Two weeks ago, I had a student order from http://www.stormcopper.com
and had the copper by the next week. marilyn

Here’s another source: http://www.metalsource.com

These folks do LARGE metal work—a 3 foot by 4 foot piece is
“scrap” for them—they sell it to us for a good price. I am able to
drive there, but they ship, too.

Cynthia Eid

I use stormcopper.com for sheets up 3x4 feet. Alternatively,
onlinemetals.com if storm doesn’t have the gauge I’m looking for.


If you are trying to find a local source look in the yellow pages
for sheet metal fabricators. Call them up and ask if they make things
in copper. Keep calling until you find one that does and then ask
them if they sale copper or ask where do they purchase it from.
Little bit of leg work but it will let you buy locally. Also some of
the sheet metal fabricators have cut offs they will sale too. The
roofing copper is usually pretty thin but you did not say what
thickness that you were looking for.

Warren Townsend
Trenton, MI 48183