[Source] Large cabochons


I’m a metalsmith who doesn’t often make jewelry, so I’m not up on
the best sources for Usually Rio Grande suffices, but now
I’m looking for something they don’t have: an extra-large cabochon,
60 x 80 mm or even larger. I’m only in the very early design stage
right now, so the field is pretty wide open. My only criteria are:
bright color - blue, red, purple, turquoise; could be a synthetic gem
or glass, but not plastic or resin; Translucency preferred. Any
direction I can get to good reputable sources will be much

Steve Shelby

Orchid Blog: http://shelbyvision.ganoksin.com/blogs/

Sounds like you will need to find someone who will cut you a custom
cabochon. I usually cut my own stones for the jewelry that I make.
the largest cab that I have done is 30 by 40. I am not volunteering
to do a cab; but there must be someone who does cutting on contract.


John Atwell Rasmussen
Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry
Web: www.rasmussengems.com
Blog: http://rasmussengems.ganoksin.com/blogs/


yes,we can cut according to your sizes in smei precious stones,
turquoise syhnthetic, malachite and glass. we need to know the
quantities to quote your the prices. our email is artahir43 at gmail
dot com thanks and with regard

abdul r.tahir