[Source] Large bezel cups

Hello All,

I’m back with another request. Hope it’s OK?

I need very large, large bezel cups that are base metal.

I tried doing a search, but what I came up with isn’t large enough.

I know the steps to make a bezel for a cabochon, but in this case I
need a complete bezel ready to be soldered to a base metal band…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Again, thank you all for the …

Warmest Regards,

...large bezel cups that are base metal. 

Rosanne, try contacting Indian Jewelers Supply to see what they have
on hand or might make for you in base metal. Also, try Metalliferous’
online catalog. However, their bezel cups with the rolled edges are
only for gluing things in – you cannot bend the edges over to grip
the cabochon. IJS’s bezel cups have the vertical, thin edges.

Judy Bjorkman

Hi Rosanne. I just happened to see an ad from Rings & Things
featuring large bezel cups in base metal last night. They use them
with resin. I’m not sure of the exact sizes, but I hope this helps!

Good luck,

Thanks Judy, I will give check those out…

But, I realize I need it to be 4mm deep…

I can’t think that this is such a hard thing to find, but what do I
know… LOL

Thanks Again

Funny. As I was cleaning up the paper avalanche this weekend, I ran
across a card someone had given me at a workshop last year (year
before?) for a company that makes all kinds of bezels in copper,
brass, and silver-plated brass. I finally checked out their website
and catalog over the weekend. I have not dealt with them, nor have I
requested their price list yet, so I don’t have any experience on
which to base a recommendation, but you might want to check it out.


The one thing that was not obvious to me when I started looking is
what the abbreviations stand for; the key is on p. 4.

Lori Paximadis