[Source] Kings Manassa Turquoise Cabochons

I have been looking for a source for finished Kings Manassa
Turquoise Cabochons for a while with no luck. I purchased some from
a dealer at a gem show recently and when I tried to purchase more he
said he would not sell anymore. Is this becoming a rare stone?
Does anyone know of a source for stones from this mine? I have a
customer who wants a bracelet I made with this stone but only if I
can make a matching pendant and I would surely like to make this

Any help appreciated.
Grace S.

  I have been looking for a source for finished Kings Manassa
Turquoise Cabochons for a while with no luck.<< 

The King Manassa mine is near the town of Manassa in Southern
Colorado. I’ve heard that it has been inactive since the 80’s but
have also heard that the owner of the mine occasionally mines it for
brief periods. So there isn’t a steady source of the stone. Most of
what is out there is what turns up from estate sales of collectors.

From what I understand Manassa turquoise is green in color. If your
customer would consider another turquoise from Colorado, and in my
opinion a more beautiful and harder stone, I could help you out with
some green Cripple Creek turquoise cabs. Contact me offline.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Several years ago we contacted Bill King (mine owner) and he told us
he is not mining Kings mine anymore. If anyone has any, it will be
Larry Cooley. I do not have his address, but he always sends us
notices right before Tucson. If I can find a card, I will email you his address.

I just might have what your looking for.It is a tear drop shape
piece of Kings Manassa.It measures 16mmx11.5mm and weighs 5 carats.I
only have one but if it will work for you I’m willing to let it
go.If you have any questions or would like me to email you a picture
contact me at @mark2


I work with Bill and Mary King’s daughter, Kris. She said that they
do mine and finish cabs, and sell to several people who come by.
They are older, and work enough to have fun. Rarely do they have a
lot of stock on hand, but you can call them. Please contact me
offline and I will give you their phone number. It’s supposed to be
great stuff - enjoy it!

Rynn Nichols