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[Source] JB Weld


Hi all,

I’m looking for a source for JB Weld, my local hardware store
doesn’t have it. And I have also been unable to figure out the max.
temperature that it can withstand. Anyone know?


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


Hi Elaine - good question. I thought this would be helpful info to
have, so I contacted the JB Weld company directly - sent them an
email asking this very question. When I hear from them, I’ll share
the results with you.

The site also listed an enormous number of sources for purchasing,
among them Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Surely one of those is in
your area.

If not, then contact JB Weld directly and see what they say. I didn’t
see an order form on their website, but they may in some cases be
willing to ship to you.




Try an auto parts place or a welding supply company.

I have a similar material from the welding supply, one is good to
300 degrees, the other good to 1000 degrees. The higher temp material
can be used to patch things to be rubber molded.

Hope this helps.

Bill Churlik


Hi Elaine,

I'm looking for a source for JB Weld, my local hardware store
doesn't have it. And I have also been unable to figure out the
max. temperature that it can withstand. Anyone know? 

You might try automotive parts stores. In our part of the country
ACE hardware stores all carry it.

The 800 # for the JB Weld Co on the pkg. I have is: 800-529-3530. No
web site is listed.

The max temp listed on the pkg. is 600F.

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied user.



You can find JB weld in most auto parts stores. It’s an epoxy base
so it will not tolerate much heat.

Jeffrey A Walker
Shop Manager
Cornells Jewelers
3100 Monroe ave
Rochester NY 14618


It’s a staple item in most auto part stores, and most hardware
stores that cater to the farm market. It will handle about 500
degrees F.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR


Hi Elaine,

I think I can get JB Weld at our local True Value. I have not bought
any in a while but I can check to make sure. I do not know the
highest temp it can withstand. I used it when I was a kid to fix an
oil leak on the engine on my Go Cart! ;-))

John Daly
Grand Junction, CO.


Elaine, J.B.Weld is available at automotive parts and accessory
stores. I used it to repair holes in my auto gas line and it’s held
for a year now.

Linda Sigel


Dear Elaine,

You can find it at most of the big industrial suppliers like Enco,
MSC, Rutland Tool, and Grainger. They should also have on
temperature limits.

Linda Holmes-Rubin
ForCapital Associates of Atlanta


Now if you want something that will do anything you ever wanted,
including patch a 3500 PSI steam pipe in an electrical power plant,
or patch a boiler for the same kind of line, go to a plumbing supply
store and find a product called DEVCON. This is what they use at
Amerin UE power plants to do just what I described. My Dad has used
it on an old engine block on a tractor where the water jacket had a
hole in it and I have used it on several items including a line in a
high pressure steam cleaner washer that a buddy used to clean dump
trucks. Works on gas lines, oil lines, high pressure, ect… its about
the best stuff I have ever seen.


Peter Rowe brought to my attention I needed to be more specific about
the Devcon product I suggested. The stuff my friend at the power
company suggested and what we used was Plastic Steel Putty [A]. It
comes in 2 plastic containers and you have to mix them.