[Source] Japanese pearls


I am looking for a source for natural pearls, freshwater or salt in
Japan. I have a friend over there who is looking for some and she
asked me if I could find any sources. Any help would be greatly

Richard, in Snowy, blowing Michigan

I doubt she will be able to find natural pearls anywhere over there.
There simply aren’t any natural pearls anywhere in any quantity.
Cultured pearls…now that’s a different story.

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Hello, Re: a source for natural pearls, freshwater or salt in Japan,
I don’t know anybody who handle them and I think nobody handle them
in Japan now. Most of Japanese pearls are cultivated. There is "Keshi"
which is about 1 to 2mm. size without nucleus, however this item is
also cultivated. There are not much wild pearl shells in Japan now
and probably it is very rare that wild pearl shell has pearl inside.

Yasu Matsuda