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[Source] "Janus" intaglios

Hi All;

I was talking to an elderly couple about the now forgotten tradition
of giving a young man a ring, sometimes upon graduation, that held an
intagio or raised carved profile of the two headed Greek god Janus,
god of passages. Well, they must have like the story because now they
want me to come up with one for them for their grandson. I can do the
gold work, but I can’t find a source for those stones. I can get the
hematite ones with the Greek warrior head in profile, but that
doesn’t fit with the tradition. Anyone seen these out there? I know
some were cut in tiger eye.

Thanks in advance.
David L. Huffman


I know of a family of German cameo carvers who specialize in
custom-made cameos in various materials. I wouldn’t be surprised if
they’ve ‘Janus’ cameos in stock.

Their website is: The firm was founded
by Erwin Pauly and is presently run by his two sons, Andreas and
Gerhardt. They’ve cut many wonderful carvings for me over the years.
Their prices are quite reasonable and they stand behind their work.

Ciao. Kim.