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[Source] Ivory chain

Does anyone know where I might obtain about 6 links of ivory
chain for a bracelet? The links are approximately 6.75mm in
diameter, 1.75 thick. Also, any suggestions about getting them
into place? They would have to be twisted open slightly to get
into the units of the bracelet and into the other rings.
Dampening? Warming? Any comments would be very much appreciated.
Jim Berger

Jim, All of the ivory linked chains that I have seen were made
of one piece. That is to say, each link was carved in an intact
form, linked to the next intact form out of a single long piece
of ivory. The pieces are not linked together afterward, they are
carved linked together.In my limited experience, ivory can’t
successfully be twisted or bent without immediate snappage. Best
of luck with the search.

Lisa,(It’s stopped raining) Topanga, CA USA

Jim, I have worked with fossil ivory quite a bit and it cannot be
bent. Ivory chains are carved from one solid piece. The only way
to add to an existing chain is to use a link that has a section
cut out of it. This section can be completed with a decorative
element such as a gold or silver semi circle that can be closed
down around the open area. If you want to fasten it mechanically
rather than use glue you can carve the link with a bulge at each
end of the open area for the metal element to lock on to or you
can use pins or rivets. Steve Howard

Would you be against replacing the link with something other
than ivory? The reason I ask is that there is a type of acrylic
plastic used mostly for counter tops called Corian. It is amazing
stuff. It is very dense, comes in a variety of colors, and I
believe they have a color that matches ivory. Carve it to match
the other links. Here is the amazing part… cut out a section
of the corian link and insert into your ivory chain. Then, Krazy
glue the section back in. You will not be able to see a seam!
Check it out. It is amazing stuff. ***Kirsten in PA