[Source] IT Solder

Several weeks ago there was a thread on IT silver solder. Does
anyone recall where it can be purchased. I’ve checked all the
catalogs I have and have come up blank. TIA Gary in Redding,

Orchid Digest Post:
[Source] IT SolderFrom: Jarsink@aol.com

Gary, Metalliferous, Inc., has IT solder. Their address: 34
West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036; Telephone 212-944-0909,
FAX 212-944-0644. Also, I think Allcraft has it. Their
addresses: 45 West 46th St., NYC 10036 and P.O. Box 10-0919,
Brooklyn, NY 11210-0919; Telephone 1-800-645-7125. Hope this
helps…jars in SC

From: Linda Crawford lcrawford@jps.net

Gary, Coral and at Enamelwork Supply Co., in Seattle, carries IT
solder. For info (206)525-9271 to Order 1-800-596-3257. She will
be gone in Sept. to Japan. Hope this helps.

Linda Crawford 
Linda Crawford Designs

From: “Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies” ses@kihakkt.jetcafe.org

We carry IT solder. Please contact me off line for more

May you always enamel with passion in your heart

Joan Schlaifer
Schlaifer's Enameling Supplies
PMB 1700
1441 Huntington Dr.
South Pasadena, CA 91030
800 525-5959  626 441-1127

From: “D. A. Schneegas” dschnee@ix.netcom.com

Try Thompson Enamel, Inc. According to latest catalog it now
comes in an easier to use format (Thompson used to sell it as an
ingot!) Ph: 606-291-3800 Be warned that the melting point of IT
is practically that of silver (IT is extremely hard solder).
Enamelists have used it because it usually does not oxidize
readily when subjected to reheating in a kiln, which is important
when doing plique a jour technique.

Eileen Schneegas

From: BMarsh8921@aol.com

Frei Borel and Indian Jewelry Supply both carry “IT” silver
solder. Or you can make your own by combining 9 grams of fine
silver with one gram of copper…

Brian P. Marshall

From: Donna Wilson donwil@trib.com

I was just in Seattle and bought several strips of IT from TSI.
IT is also available from Thompson Enamels. If you need the
address, contact me and I’ll look it up.

Donna in WY

Been a long time since I hear the term IT. It’s on the hard
(hi-temp) end of the melt point spectrum. No popular call for this
stuff. You must be enamelling. Don’t know if 750 Braze silver
will do.

You can make your own ITsolder rather easily, and not have any
zinc in the alloy to possibly give trouble for enamelling. I use
the eutectic alloy of Ag and Cu which is 72% silver and 28%
Copper. This has a melting point of 778* C or 1432* F. With
careful heating this works very well. Hope this helps, Joe Dule

Just bought some sheet IT solder form my (local) national supplier CR
Hill They have an 1-800-521-1221. In Michigan the number is 248
543-1555 They are located at 2734 West 11 mile road, north side of
the street west of Coolidge rd… Berkley Michigan, 48072 they have a
full line of enameling supplies, jewelry supplies, books, equipment
and things you haven’t discovered you need yet. The staff can answer
you questions. They are a Grobet dealer. I always look forward to my
visits at the shop.

All the usual disclaimers and legalize apply, just a satisfied long
time customer.