[Source] Investment in small packets

I’m hoping someone in Orchidland will know where I can get casting
investment in small individual packets. I outsource nearly all of my
casting these days, but still like to do an occasional piece in my
own shop.

My quite humid location near the ocean makes it hard to keep large
amounts of investment fresh, so the perfect solution for me was the
little foil packets of investment (about the size of a small zip-loc
bag), just right for a medium size flask,

Now I can no longer find this item in any of the supply catalogs,
but I’m hoping they’re still out there somewhere. Any leads?

Thanks so much. Orchid rocks!

Instead of jewelry suppliers, find a dental lab supplier. Many of
the investments used for dental casting are packaged like that.


Our Invest C/P investments are available in small quantities like 5kg
packed in 160g bags. Just ask your favorite U.S. catalog supplier.

Sandor Cser,

If you can’t find the individual packets you seek, perhaps you could
invest in one of the vacuum bag setups used for food. Wouldn’t it
work as well, and you’d have the freedom to measure as much, or as
little, as you wish into each package.

Hello! I have used the food vacuum bags for investment. I have
divided them up for my 3 3/8 x 4 and my 4 X 7 flasks. I just mark the
bags. No air and the investment stays fresh and you don’t have to
worry about the investment separating like in a large bag.