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[Source] Hang tags for pricing

Does anyone know a source for very small hang tags for earrings? I
want to be able to put my logo on it, with my email address and a
hand-written price.


I get mine custom done by a wonderful artist on Etsy. She includes
my logo and all the info I want. She is Michelle with IndedPapers on

She was great to work with as we experimented with what sizes I
wanted for earring cards, necklace tags, etc., and what colors, where
to place things, etc. Very please repeat customer.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

why don’t you use earring cards? A wife of a famous painter started
making earrings. She found out she sold many more when she put them
on earring cards. You can make your own off your computer, or get
them custom made, which is what I do. My sales went up also when I
started using them, way over 20 yrs ago.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I took my old 5Mile Creek business card, and had the logo transferred
by a computer whiz, then just added my address. For many yearsthat
logo was on jewelry, and I found hanger card backings at Rio Grande
and had hang-able earrings, which shops appreciated.

Now I am no longer living on the 5Mile Creek farm, so I changed my
name to Alaska Stixs n Stones. And have come up with a logo I will
do the art work on, and reduce it. Tourists want to know who you
are, and they will buy personalized carded before they will others.

Your idea is very tiny and time consuming. Get your fonts out (I
chose Bradbury for everything) Write out your shop name address
info, use clip and paste, and make some nice cards. Then if you
want, cut them out with those specialty scrapbook scissors. Leave
space to punch the hole, and you are in business in a few hours and
money saved.

Blessings, really like to hear that you are out there and moving

Respectfully pat