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[Source] Hand-woven silver chains

Hi, Friends,

I’m looking for a source for the hand-woven (knitted?) silver chains
from Bali. To be specific, I need 4 - 5 MM round chains in 18" and
20" lengths and am also seeking a wide (maybe 4mmx12mm), oval or
round 24" chain for a specific customer, also in the hand-woven
Balinese style. Can anyone suggest a source that doesn’t require me
to buy in huge quantities? Thanks!

Susannah Ravenswing
Jewels of the Spirit

In sunny Carolina where the flame azalea is gorgeous and we just got
12 gallons a minute for the well for my new home/studio - unheard of
around here. Thank you, Mama!

Susannah, check with Elaine Greenspan,in Tucson she had many
diameters available by the foot. Unfortunately I don’t have a phone
number or address but you could check through AGTA’s source book. She
also sells rough diamonds. Michael