[Source] Half-round gold wire

Hello everybody,

First of all - this is my first time using the forum so I hope I do
everything right! :slight_smile: I had a question - does anyone know of a source
for fairly high gauge half-round gold wire - particularly 16 gauge? I
have already used Rio Grande for yellow but was looking for white,
red and green and found no results! I have heard of Hoover and Strong
but I don’t think I can order from there because I can’t buy
wholesale. I need about a foot of it! Thank you all and have a nice


Hi Jane,

You may want to check with G&S Metals, they are good at making
things happen. If its not on their website its worth a call, I’ve
been able to order misc. gold not on website before.

They are usually lightning fast on shipping to!


Round draw plate with two pieces of wire at once. Solder the pointy
ends together a bit. The only real detail is to prevent twisting.
Using the same metal for both pieces would be a good idea too.

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does anyone know of a source for fairly high gauge half-round gold
wire - particularly 16 gauge? 

You can easily make your own. Fold round wire in half and pull it
though round drawplate. When you get to complete round, you will have
2 half rounds. Even easier is to use swage block and hammer. Results
are not perfect, but quite usable.

Leonid Surpin

Jane- You can make your own. It’s easy. Just pour an ingot, roll out
the square stock a tiny bit l larger than you’ll need it. May be 1
mil larger. Cut the length in half. Solder one end together, file to
a point and draw

both at the same time through a round draw plate and…as if by
magic… you end up with 1/2 round wire.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

You might try Hauser and Miller
(Hauser & Miller) in St Louis. They
carry 1/2 round gold wire in 14 & 18kt.

In addition to making mill products they also are refiners & buy
your scrap.

They’ve been in business for over 100 yr.

Just a very satisfied customer.