[Source] Grey necklace busts

Good morning,

Does anyone have any idea where I might find gray velvet necklace
busts for display? I have checked several sources and none has gray.
It seems that beige is the color of the year, and of course the old
stand-by colors, black and white. No gray. Any would be


For a show locally I needed some off-color stands as well- my
suggestion to you is to buy the white leatherette from a resale or
closeout fixture store (locally mine is Dolphin Fixtures in Norfolk,
VA- if they dont have it they can find it!) and then we used a
friend with an airbrush to tone the white to our colors. On one
display we sprayed lite-bond adhesive and stretched poly-satin over
for a cloth effect. FWIW in about 1 hour of time and for 50 bucks we
had 6 custom busts.

Hi Trudy,

I will be interested in this thread because I, too, am searching for
almost the same.

Closest that I have found is to have a bust custom covered via RIO
GRANDE, they have “free” color swatches for their ‘shadow suede’.
Shadow suede is a bit better than the velvet I think.

I did not go further with pricing because I am looking for a
’leatherette’ in the equivalent colour to ‘photo gray’ (18% gray).

There are two swatches that are close: a gray-green, the second is a
bit dark, maybe 30% and gray-blue. One other gray swatch maybe 8%
gray? Too light for me.

This is my back up if I cannot find 18% gray leatherette.

Thank you for the question.
Kristine Whitney
Whitney Studios


Noblepack.com has gray necklace displays in several styles.


Hi Trudy - check Rio Grande Display catalog. Page 943 lists their
different colors; in Shadow Suede they have platinum, in velvet they
have silver cloud and royal grey.

Another option would be to cover them yourself with fabric that
matches your drapes or table covers. My color of choice is brown -
can’t find busts in that color, so I took some squares of brown
fabric, gathered it around the busts and stapled/glued/sewed the
fabric tightly in the back. It matches perfectly, doesn’t look the
same as everyone else, and is easier and cheaper to replace than the
bust itself if it gets soiled or nasty. (Make sure your gather in
the back is tidy and professional looking.) I took some of the same
fabric and covered some small boxes and pillows, using 3M adhesive
spray, so I have plenty of seamless display options for texture and
heighth. Obviously your aesthetic may be very different from mine,
but it’s an option.

Good Luck!!
Susan “Sam” Kaffine

So does Fetpak. I just got their latest catalog and it lists several
styles available in gray. http://www.fetpak.com

Laura SA