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[Source] Graphite slabs


Howdy- I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get graphite in
slab form? I used to work for someone who machined out a shallow
square and used it to reprocess small amount of metal to get sheet.
Thanks, Kim


Glass Blowers use Graphite as “Marving Pads” to form hot glass. Here
is a link to one source: ! Most other
glass blowing sites would carry both graphite and stainless steel
plates. efw


Don’t know off-hand, but if you get ahold of a glass-blower (any
university art program with a glass facility, like Southern Illinois
University at Carbondale, my alma-mater) those guys use it all the
time and should know sources. Good Luck.


Glass bead makers use graphite marvers to shape their beads. They
are usually slabs about 1/2 inch thick. The ones that I have are
about 2 x 2 inches square and have a wooden handle. I don’t know
what size you are looking for, but you may find them wherever
lampworking supplies are sold. Good luck! --Vicki Embrey


Kim, go to for all sizes and thicknesses
of graphite slabs. For what it’s worth, you might have a difficult
time melting metal on the graphite to make an ingot for sheet.
Graphite is a real heat sink. It’s also extremely hard and although
you can carve it, it isn’t easy. You might have better luck with a
charcoal block.

Rene Roberts


Kim … contact Stan Rubinstein Associates 56 Leonard St., Unit 2
Foxboro, Mass. 02035 they supply everything that one would need for
furnace soldering…they may already have the shape that you need.
Incidentally, if you place a square sheet of carbon board inside of
your furnace when you’re annealing, the metal comes out shiny (no