[Source] Granules in bulk


I am incorporating granulation into some of my designs and want to
purchase granules in bulk. I am looking for a specific size range of
1.0mm-1.5mm in yellow, rose, white, and green gold and am having a
VERY hard time finding a vendor. I am trying to avoid making them

I have reached out to Hoover and Strong, Rio, United, and Coining
and none of them offer granulations of specific sizes, only casting

Does anyone know where I can buy granules? I appreciate any leads!!

Thank you,

Karl Fischer in Germany sells grains in a variety of sizes and
alloys. Granulation - Karl Fischer GmbH

Elliot Nesterman


Fretz is making Argentium Silver granules----sold through Otto Frei.
I think they might make gold granules if you ask. It doesn’t hurt to

Cynthia Eid