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[Source] Good black pearls

I have a special order from a regular customer who wants a pearl
necklace made for an engagement gift, black pearls about 9-10 mm,
full rounds. Normally I buy a fair number of half drilled pearls at
trade shows but usually just pick them by eye when I see the color
and luster I want. But there isn’t a trade show before he wants
this, nor do I usually buy ones of the quality he wants.

Without being able to hand pick them, what is a trustworthy source
of really fine black pearls? I showed him a page from the Rio
catalog of ones in that size in a dark lustrous blue-purple color
which sell for $175 a 16" strand wholesale, and he said those looked
good (Quote: “Those or better”, to be exact). I used the Rio catalog
because I needed something to show him to be sure of what he wanted:
nothing I had on hand was that good or the right color. I don’t
think of Rio as a pearl specialist, but maybe they ARE good.

Or can I get a better quality elsewhere at about the same cost or a
little more? I need to finish and deliver the necklace in about a


Without being able to hand pick them, what is a trustworthy source
of really fine black pearls? 

Ok first of all are you talking about natural color black pearls?
Because if you are, a 16" strand of natural color black pearls in
9-10 mm for $175 are either dyed (most likely) or junk. Fine South
Sea natural color black pearls in 9-10 mm round are going to go for
multi thousands per strand. Really fine South Seas will cost you
upwards of $3000-$4000 for true rounds, 9-10 mm in a good color and
luster. I can give you sources for either medium or super fine ones
if you want to contact me off list. I sell fine to superior quality
strands of black pearls regularly so this is one topic I am well
versed in. Anything under $1000 will be either dyed or really,
really low quality.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambrige, MA 02140

Hi Lin,

I have a dealer in LA that I not only like, but respect. Alsol
Pearls 213-623-4452

You can tell him that Jennifer Friedman referred you and he will
take care of you. Ask for either Allen or Eli.

jennifer friedman


Sounds like the Black Pearls you are looking at from Rio are dyed. A
great source for Genuine Tahitian Black Pearls would be A.S.B.A.
Dangler, DSL, Tara, China Pearl, just to name a few. You can also
check with Jewelers Cirular Keystone, or A.G.T.A. for many other
sources. A good strand of 9-10mm Gen. Tahitian Black Pearls will
cost a GREAT deal morethan a $175.00–more like $1250.00 to $2500.00


These people travel and buy direct. They seemed to have a huge stock
of black pearls.

They know what they are doing and have integrity. (only a customer


You might try Joseph Stachura, They
have quite a range of pearls. Not home to check my catalog right now,
but you can call them. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Beth in SC


I believe Mary at Joseph P. Stachura Co is the most knowledgeable
pearl expert in the country. Several of my friends buy from her. She
has taught classes on selecting and caring for pearls at MetalWerx
in MA. She helped me select pearls for my daughter- in-law.

Phone is 508.278.6525

You won’t be disappointed.

Mary A.
Chief Design Officer
Jewelry for the Journey