[Source] Goldstone

Hi everyone, can anyone help me to find a Goldstone. The stone would
ideally be a 10 x 8mm or 12 x 10mm oval. I know way back in the old
days they existed as I used to set them in Gents rings but seem to
be as rare as hens teeth here in Australia.

Best Regards
Terence M Dillon
Chivali Artisan Goldsmiths

Fire Mountain has 10 x 8 goldstone cabs for $2.10/pkg. of 6
(discounts for quantities), 12 x 10 for $2.27/pkg. of 6 (discounts
for quantities). Man-made (it all is, isnt’ it? Please correct me on
that if I’m wrong!). p. 589 if you have the current catalog.

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer.


Beth in SC

Have you tried Dazlyn Gems in Melbourne?

I make some acrostic jewellery (where the first letter of the name
of the stone spells something, like the old fashioned “regard”
rings), and have used Darren.

I had to find a variscite for some l.o.v.e earrings and he just
happened to have a couple of 44gallon drums of the stuff. I also
bought all the stones for my commitment ring with my husband (it
spells Jack and Alison in stones) from him.

They have an incredible range of stone, and seem to have been
supplying a large range of customers for some years so may have some
“old stock” of something that isn’t currently easy to get.

Darren (the Daz of Dazlyn) is the owner and the phone number is 03
9583 1998.

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer.