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[Source] Gold Y Necklace Findings


I have been trying to find 14K gold Y necklace findings for several
weeks now, and have not been able to find them. Does anyone know
where I can get them from? Thanks in advance for any response(s).


Hello Anabel,

Have you tried Rio Grande? They have 14K gold supplies of every
kind. If you don’t have their catalog, their tel: 800.545.6566, It is better to order their catalog in my opinion, I
enjoy even looking the stuff and reading the they

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan


I don’t have a current Rio catalog, but you might also want to look
under rosary findings. I seem to remember a Y connector with a simple
rose design. Also, other places that sell rosary finding may have Y
connectors that don’t use obviously religious imagery.

Lisa Orlando
Albion, CA, US