[Source] Gold snake chain

I’m trying to find 14k gold round snake chains around 1.6mm. I
ordered one from Rio and it was not the right color for the gold
pendant I made. Instead of a nice yellowy gold it was more almost
dull brownish looking. I called and talked to Rio and they don’t have
another supplier for this particular chain that does it in a brighter
colored gold. Maybe this is the nature of this kind of chain in 14k
gold. Can anyone out there in Orchidland direct me to a supplier for
this chain? Annette

I don’t know about a supplier, but I’ve had chains come in from all
over that don’t match or look right. Try polishing them…a lot of
chain out there is plated (even though it is 14kt) and it is the
plating that looks dull, brownish, or brassy.

Leslie Anne Wright Macy

Annette, Herco has 1.7mm 14K snake chain. Phone # 415-543-1580.
Stuller has 1.5mm snake chain. Phone # 800-877-7777.

Joel Schwalb


Quality Gold company will have a snake chain for you . I recommend
the diamond cut, it has a better look than the regular snake chain,
Heres there phone


Hope this helps
Tony @ Cecena’s Jewelry