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[Source] Gold screws

Hello folks,

I am need to find a source for gold screws, you know, like the ones
used in eyeglasses and watches. I need to buy a lot of them
[grosses], so I need to find a manufacturor. I am wanting to make a
series of bracelets and pendants that have screws holding parts

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance. Dennis


Jeffrey A Walker
Shop Manager
Cornells Jewelers
3100 Monroe ave
Rochester NY 14618

Small Parts Inc.

       Small Parts, Inc. has been supplying Materials,
       Components and Tools to Researchers and Developers since
       1963. offering tubing, fasteners, wires, bars stock, and
       screw drivers in large or small quantities. Offering same
       day service. 

Help others make informed buying decisions with Small Parts Inc… We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Google Small Parts. They have a lot of interesting items.

marilyn smith


I have made many pieces using screws to hold parts together. I work
mainly in 18k and platinum. I do not know of a manufacturer that can
supply karat gold screws. I always make my own. Most of the screws
that are commercially available are made of brass. If this will work,
you can try your local hobby shop, model train emporium, or contact
Small Parts in Miami: 800 220-4242. They have a large selection in
various shapes, sizes , and pitches. You will also need to get the
proper size tap to match the screws.

The gold screws used to assemble gold watches are made by the watch
manufacturer. If you plan to make your own screws, you need to
consider the alloy you will use, as well as the size and pitch of
the screws. A soft alloy with a fine thread is easily stripped out
when stressed. Nickle white golds work best, but you can make a hard
enough alloy to use for screws even in 18k.

Douglas Zaruba
33 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107

Dennis, let’s take a reality check. We get a request to quote
precious metal hardware occasionally. The numbers usually end the
conversation. Just look at the cost of a 14K ear post. It will be at
least a dollar. it is a simple product, has no machining, no
material loss and are made by the hundreds of thousands every day. A
solid karat gold bolt would cost dollars each. Minimum order would
at least a thousand. Cash in advance! So, before you even start to
manufacture, you have thousands of dollars tied up=8A where are you
really going with this?

Two alternatives: A complete set of taps, dies and matching bits.
Make your own.

Or 22K gold plated bolts, nuts and washers. By the hundreds thay
can be a few cents a set. They are brass at the core. See them



I can show you how to mass-produce karat gold screws easily. You
will, as has been stated, invest in a tap and die set. Not a lot of
money considering you will use it many times. What is the size and
pitch of your screw? I.E. 1/72.

Per soft or hard metal: when you make an all thread, draw the gold
through the plate about 3 or 4 holes with out annealing. Straighten
with draw bench. This leaves it relatively hard enough. Threading
will further work harden.

You can make enough all thread, which you will of course have to
make nuts for, in a few minutes.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Robert Whiteside

Two alternatives: A complete set of taps, dies and matching bits.
Make your own.
Or 22K gold plated bolts, nuts and washers. By the hundreds thay
can be a few cents a set. They are brass at the core. See them

Hi thanks for the line. I know that this is a very expensive
venture. However everything we do is! I am working in 22K. I think
that we met at the Orchid dinner. Do you remember?

I need to have about 80 screws for my first necklace. I am still
working out the bugs on the design but I wnat to get it into
productions by July. I have a 7 segment bracelet on line for
production that will need 14 0r perhaps 21 screws each. When we put
these into production you can see how quickly 1000 screws would be
used up! If I need to orfer 1000 pieces of screw so be it. What
size of screws can you make for me? I think that we need to talk.
Why not e-mail me back tommorrow and we can go from here. I prefer
to speak on the phone. Also, I could use some advice as to what
size of screws would be best for my pieces. Look forward to hearing
from you.