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[Source] Gold plating a bicycle frame

Does anyone know a RELIABLE source for gold plating a bicycle frame?



I have some experience with a company here in San Diego, Lemon Grove
Plating ( 619) 464 1515, who did a nice job polishing the aluminum
lugs on my carbon fiber bike frame. The gold plating will have to be
"brush plated", John explained, as their gold plating bath is not
large enough for a full frame. Price would be anywhere from $500 to
$750, nickel plated first, and he’d recommend a clear powder coat
over the 24K plate.

I will want to see a photo of your finished bike, however, if you
decide to have it plated in 24K.

And if you’re ever in San Diego, then you’ve got to let me take a
ride with you around Harbor and Shelter Island on your golden ride…

Jay Whaley

Hello Eric,

You did not say where you were based, but for the UK F. H. Lambert
Limited are very good at gold plating unusual items

FH Lambert

(Not affiliated with the company)

Charles Allenden

A bicycle frame! That’s pretty big! Here are a couple of reliable
places to begin your inquiries.

Good luck,

eric -

guess i missed the original post about gold-plating the bicycle
frame - you must be referring to some bike in a static display of
some kind - from experience i can report that just getting a bike
ready to ride would do a lot of damage to the plating, even hanging a
bike wheel on a hook (one of two best methods for storage - the
second is hanging bike cross bar on two hooks - screeeeech) isn’t
scratch-free. if you had been on any of the 5-6 day 325-450 mile bike
safaris i’ve ridden you would cringe at what even the most careful
riders inflict on their bike frames. so, not wanting to be a
spoil-sport, but if you’re talking about any situation except a
static display, my advice is not where to get your bike gold-plated
but where you can sit comfortably while you reconsider the whole
plating idea - or at least until gold prices go down.

good luck whatever -
think more now, regret less later.

I’ve got to disagree! I will admit to being a bike fanatic, owning 4
now, and working on a 5th. I’ve thought of a chrome or gold plated
bike frame, and may do one of these options in the near future. Yes,
a century ( 100 mi.) or multi-century ride may not be what you want
to do with a gold plated and clear powder-coated bike frame, because
of the extra weight added to the frame, as well as the potential to
damage your plating job. A long ride like that is for your touring
bike, with the gel seat, stronger rims, tougher tires and slightly
more upright handlebar geometry.

That sweet custom bike with the gold plated frame is for cruising
around the park on a sunny day, like my girlfriend and I did this
past Friday afternoon.

I can’t think of a better way for a goldsmith to show what you do
for a living, get some great exercise, and breathe a lot of fresh air
on a sunny day, than to take a bike ride. This work we do at the
workbench is tough on the body, and we need a way to get limbered-up
and stretch out those muscles.

Any of you who are bicyclists and planning to be in sunny San Diego,
please get in contact with me and I’ll take you on a gorgeous ride
here! I might even have a bike that will fit you!

Now I’m thinking I may have to start looking for a light 59 cm
Italian steel frame I can have polished for a cool plating job!!
(Anybody out there have a candidate for sale?)

Jay Whaley

I was deeply involved in the bicycle business for 15 years. Gold
plated bicycles were common in the 70s and early 80s. Colnago had a
regular model for many years. Gold plating a frame has only one
serious draw back; embrittlement of the frame. Using a good plater
will reduce the risk but it will always be there. Most use of gold
plating on steel, doesn’t challenge the product performance, but a
bicycle is different matter. If you are a serious amateur you will
have no problems. If you can ride on a professional level, the frame
will fail you.

Dan Culver