[Source] Gold or Silver twisted multi strand Cable


I have been searching for a supplier of 14k or Sterling Silver
multi-strand twisted wire cable, in around the 20 gauge range for a
line of jewelry that I have been working on.

I’ve seen lots of links for short “neck cable” lengths, but I am
interested in more of a “by the spool” suppliers that sell by weight
and have much more than 18" pieces. Most of my work starts out using
4 foot cable lengths that are then braided, cut and assembled into
wearable bracelets and necklaces.

I have been braiding gold cable professionally for a while for, I’d
just like to braid it into my own new designs, on my own time, on my
own nickle, and I need to find a good gold/silver cable supplier.

Also - The cable supplied by the company that I work with
professionally is not going to be an option…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

so…make your own…the only source i know is a patented, neckwire
length pre-clasped product…I can’t think of a single US or UK
supplier that sells it twisted…H.Schmidt, in New Orleans LA, will
do it for you but then there’s that nasty extra fabrication charge
that can be avoided with a vise and a good pair of tongs, or wire