[Source] Glass table-top display cases

I’m doing a large outdoor show in 8 weeks, and I’m interested in the
modular glass table-top displays I’ve seen at other shows. They have
metal clips that connect them into various sizes and shapes. When
taken apart, they store flat. Does anyone know of a source or
manufacturer for these? Or have any other recommendations for
display cases for jewelry? Needs to be portable, easy to set up, and
look good.

Emie Stewart

Emie, there are a couple of display suppliers for this in Dallas.
However, here’s my favorite: I ordered a revolving enclosed glass,
triple side display, which also locks, awesome product & deal from:
JPB Box Co, 2428 Dallas St., Los Angeles CA 90031 1-800-922-4269.
Originally I bought one or two of them from Jemco (#SP147), 22 lbs
wt. when they were at a Dallas show several years ago. I got the
manufacturer’s name off Jemco’s box. I got 2 ea. for $72.95 ($145.97)
plus $18.19 shipping. Jemco was selling them for a higher price.
Jemco also had a TB10014 sided oak spinner, fo $200, weighed 45 lbs.
You can put a velvet jewelry pad in this & use jewelry pins to anchor
your jewelry in securely. They work fantastic at outdoor shows,
enclosure protects from dust, outdoor elements & saves space if you
are doing a more elaborate inside show.

What you were looking for glass squares, different sizes, & clips
can be found at M.B. Store Fixture Co 2116-26 Irving Blvd, right by
downtown Dallas run by Charlie Bae & his son. N. on I-35 downtown
Dallas, exit Wycliff, go under I-35 turn Left at light on Irving
Blvd. (214) 760-8310, or (800) 783-8310 M-F 8:30 - 6, Sat 9-1. They
are on your left about a block down. They are very good, reasonable &
they have specials sometimes. There’s another diplay place on the
western (heading south) service road along I-35 downtown. Exit Motor,
go under I-35 & stay on service road heading south, on your right,
very close to a big hotel. They are higher, no better quality. No
interest, just a very satisfied repeat customer.

Sharon Perdasofpy


I have the metal brackets and glass for my cases. I got the brackets
from Outwater

I got the glass cut from a local glass company. I also priced out
plexi, but they company that sold it discouraged me from purchasing


Ben Turquoise used to travel with plexiglass, much lighter weight,
but it scratches easily so extra care needs to be taken.

Sharon Perdasofpy


Years and years ago, my husband bought Abstracta cases for his
jewelry work. We still have them, and use them for my jewelry and
for other items we sell at festivals. They are great- very durable,
easy to set up, and easy to customize.

They basically consist of metal pipes, with fittings that lock into
the ends of the pipes. The fittings can be used to make shelves,
cubes, any shape, really. They also have clip fittings that make
holders so that you can use plexiglass to have shelves, or even
totally enclose a cube. There are also hinged door fittings, great
for a jewelry display.

We’ve been able to re-cut and re-configure the pipes ourselves to
fit different items, and re-paint them occasionally as needed. We
use plexiglass sheets, since they are much lighter and unbreakable,
although you do have to be careful of the scratching. The whole
setup can be taken down into a bundle of tubes, a bag of fittings,
and a wrapped-up stack of shelves.

Here’s a page on their site, that shows shelving similar to what we
use, although ours are much smaller:

Hope this helps-

Hi Emie - I got mine from Tebo in Denver - they offer a choice of
sizes and material - I got the glass, but they are h.e.a.v.y. - take
me @ 20 minutes to set up in whatever configuration I like, and
really class up my display. I notice much less ‘sticker shock’ now,
because my display communicates classy, instead of crafty.

Sam KaffineSterling