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[Source] Gilbow shears

hi All anyone in Orchid Land Know of companies or vendors that Carry
the (Gilbow) Shears sereis in the USA? I checked out their sites and
they have a few in the UK but have not had any luck for the Americas.
and these UK companies are not really set up to sell/ship to the US.

so anyone? I am trying to purchase the 12 and 14" straight edge
shears. tnx,

Atelier Hratch Babikian

try this


this is their main site in Australia, and they will not ship to the

Thanks, Hratch

The best snips that I have ever bought are / were Gilbow 300mm
’Duckbill’ snips, 40 years ago. probably the nearest are the ‘Wiss
W1RS1 as shown in the url. Alltools. I dont know if the Gilbow
’Duckbill’ snips are still available. If you put one of the handles
in a vice, and use the other to close the blades, it gives you huge
control and enables you to cut circles from a prepared sheet and
cutting the edge of a raised bowl. It is just like a miniature

David Cruickshank, Australia