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[Source] Gemstone briolettes


I am desperately looking for a new wholesale supplier of fine
gemstone briolettes and beads, who as well as having a good stock,
would also cut stones to order. My present (Indian) supplier has
increased his prices and also the quality has decreased a little. The
beads I am looking for are common types such as amethyst,
labradorite, peridot, citrine, other quartzes (lemon, beer etc) etc,
as well as more unusual and more precious varieties such as multi
sapphire, spinel, ruby etc. The quality of stones themselves as well
as workmanship is very important, the holes have to be perfectly
drilled and the stones have beautiful polish.

I looked absolutely everywhere on the internet, but couldn’t find
anything. At the moment I am not in the position of going to India
myself on a buying trip (I have two small children), though I do
understand that one has to travel abroad to pick the stones and pay
the best prices.

All your help will be very much appreciated. Feel free to email me

Many thanks,

Lilia-- Try Steve Green, Rough and Ready Gems,
An American craftsman, lives in Colorado, does all sorts of
briolettes of all sorts of material, high to low, common to unusual.
Great craftsman, will do your material if you need. At Tucson, he’s
"Mr. Briolette".

I’m surprised you didn’t find him on the Internet-- he’s there. And–
you get to buy American. Not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.

P.O.Box 621813
Littleton, Colorado 80162-1813 USA
tel. (303) 933-7670

Hi Judy and Eric,

Many thanks for your replies. I did see Steve’s website and I must
say I was impressed with the briolettes he makes, the quality of the
materials and the workmanship looks absolutely impeccable. I will
definitely consider his stones for my more expensive pieces.
However, I am looking for a supplier, who can provide strings of
briolettes (16" or 8") for jewellery I make with gemstone clusters.

Best wishes,