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[Source] Gaspiete Cabochons

looking for anyone who sells Gaspiete Cabochons. I used to get them
from Santa Fe Jewellery supply, but they have been out of stoke for
months. thanks,

fusion studio

Gaspiete Cabochons - and one more comment on WMD’s

Stephen Mauldin Stone Co. of Albuquerque, N.M., has wonderful
gaspeite and turquoise cabochons - beautifully cut and good pricing
for unique stones. I was referred to Steve by Robert Poley of
Sweetwater Mine – a favorite supplier of mine for stones and beads
from local mines (Arizona absolute black jade and pipestone among
them). They both display regularly at G&LW shows (you may have to
wait a while for restocking…they were really busy at this past
show!). Mauldin is at 505-281-2912 or I don’t have
Sweetwater’s info at hand right now but contact me if anyone wants
more info…

And I can’t resist a comment Re: "Weapons of Mass-Destruction"
thread vis a vis the 2 great “local” companies I mention above. I
have been waiting in the wings to see if anyone mentioned loss of
community as a major reason to try to “buy local” as much as possible
(and avoid Wal-Mart). Throughout the West we have seen a tremendous
loss of community due to globalization; all but disappeared are
mom-and-pop pharmacies, locally owned gas stations, heck - even small
bookstores (Tucson only has ONE independent bookseller left!). It is
probably the same across the country.

When price is the only driver for commerce, we all lose out. I’ve
read a lot of comments on this list about how price is such a limiter
for people, but I can say my husband and I don’t make much money (I’m
a parttime jeweler/other-time conservationist and he’s a full-time
freelance writer), but we endeavor to buy our veggies from a local
market, organic meat from ranchers we know, books from our locally
owned shop, my stones from people like Robert Poley and Gerry
Galarneau (who’s an Orchid member and who had fabulous stuff at G&LW
this year), etc. Yes it costs us more, but what we get from the value
of relationships–community–is so priceless. The stones I buy from
Gerry each have a story that goes with them…I pass those on to my
customers. The community–like Orchid’s–extends outward.

Sam Patania mused that maybe he was part of the problem by going to
Mexico for contract work. I argue that, as long as Sam is developing
good relationships with a community of workers, no matter what
country, we all win.

Roseann Hanson
Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona

This is the only source that I know of. It was a couple of months
ago that I saw her, but there was a large inventory.

Mona & Jay Khan
P.O. Box 164
Skillman, NJ 08558
Tel: 001-908-2815853
Fax: 001-908-2811049

Custom cut/designer gemstones

Tim Roarke in Atlanta, GA carries Gaspiete.

Jennifer Friedman, goldsmith
now in Ventura, CA

I bought some from Stephen Mauldin Stone Co. in Tucson last week.
His contact info is: P.O. Box 577, Sandia Park, NM 87047, 505 281
2912, Besides cabs, he had gorgeous strands of
gaspiete beads.

Beverly Jones