[Source] Gaspeite

Does anyone know of a wholesale source for gaspeite rough (or
reasonable finished beads?) One local vendor’s prices are sky high,
but I’ve read that gaspeite is worth about the same as lapis lazuli.
His prices are a FAR CRY from lapis. I’m now getting to the point of
buying rough and having the beads made myself in order to get
reasonable pricing.

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Three years ago I got a big chunk @lbs. or more, for a pittance at
Liberty Gems and Minerals in Albuquerque New Mexico at 1313 San Mateo
NE NM 87110 USA-Phone/fax (505)268-1800 I don’t know if they are
still in business-This stone is very soft and fractures easily-but I
got many cabs from it. Bill

Gaspeite is becoming rarer… The Western Australian source is now
being processed for the nickel content… So unless you can obtain
old stock epect a serious jump in price!