Source for toolmaker

I am interested in having two different jewelry tools manufactured
in steel.

If anyone has had success with a tool maker I certainly would like
to talk with that firm. This would not be a huge production run but
rather in the two dozen range to begin. I am also interested in
having someone to do prototypes in hardend steel. Thanks in advance
for your replies. Beth Katz

Hi Beth; I don’t know if these folks can help you, but it’s worth a

Koka Metalsmiths
PO Box 237, Dakota, MN 55925 phone/fax 507-643-7946

Good Luck,
David L. Huffman

Dear Beth: Depending on your particular needs, we may be able to
assist you. We specialize in making hand tools for jewelry
manufacturing and repair. Please visit our website at:

We often modify or create new tools to meet our customers needs at
affordable prices.

If you are coming to the Tucson Gem Show, come see us in the
pavilion at the Congress Street Expo, Tucson Electric Park. If not,
our contact is on our website. Feel free to call or
email us. We like to talk tools.

Dana Suess
Jewelry Tools by Miland