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Source for small quantities of gold

BOB, If that is all you are ever going to need I don’t see why
you don’t have a jeweler do it for you. If you think you will
want to continue with gold in the future you should buy the
minimum so it will be there next time. Stuller (1-800-877-7777)
is my pick as a supplier but they may not sell to you unless you
are a business with the proper tax numbers. In that case try Rio
Grande (don’t have their # on hand). I started with them when I
was doing hobby work. All you need is a credit card. Sizing
stock will depend on the shape and width of the shank. Also if
you use super easy solder you won’t be as likely to melt on your
first few tries. I recently trained a youg man with no
experience other than welding steel and he toasted two or three
before he caught on. On the silver tone ring and down sizing I
would suggest a spacer instead of sizing as I have yet to see
plating that survived the heating process of soldering. Good
luck with your hobby. Patty in MO.