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Source for Ring Settings

Hello! I am certainly not a professional in this field which you all
are (and I envy you) on this list so I hope you will not mind my
humble inquiry!! I am searching for a source for sterling silver and
gold ring settings so that I may set my own stones. I am looking for
large setting to hold at least 11 mm and larger stones with smaller
accent stones. The settings which I have seen in the Rio Grande
catalogue are too heavy and not what I am looking for at all. I have
soured the internet for sources but have not found anything! I have
examples of some settings if anyone would like me to show a picture. I
would really really like to be able to make some up for my mother for
Christmas and still have time if I can locate them! Also, I am looking
for link bracelet settings or perhaps you call them connectors??? The
settings for the stones would have to be at lest 20 mm for what I have
in mind and I am not able to locate any of these either!!! If there is
anyone out there who can point me in the right direction I would be so
very very grateful! I know the ring settings exist because a friend of
mine sets rings but I know I cannot get her source out of her nor
would I even ask, I don’t think that would be right!!! My sincere
thanks for your time and help!!! Kind Regards, Taunya Armstrong