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Source for medic alerts?


Folks, I have a customer in search of medic alert items, including a
custom made bracelet for which she wants a tag. I have the ones from
Stuller’s catalog, but their bracelet tags are only in 14KY and my
customer really wants sterling. After talking to a few others, I’m
now on a quest…

Where can I find medic alert suppliers, including base metal and
sterling? Suppliers of gold medic alert other than Stuller?

What are standards for engraving medic alerts? Does the customer
dictate the wording or is there a standard you need to abide by?

Any help will be appreciated.

Karen Goeller

Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry


I’m at home as I type this; but a company called ‘QUALITY GOLD’ has
quite a good selection of silver bracelets, charms, etc. for
medi-alert. Wish I could remember their number. They will ship a
free ‘HUGE’ catalog. I like to deal with them on silver, because
they will let you call and add to orders until 5:00 their time. You
can 800 to get their toll free number. Hope this helps.


Quality Gold P.O. Box 18490, Fairfield, Ohoio 45018, 1 8-- 354-9833 ,, has an extensive line of medical
jewelry. Haven’t looked online - their real catalog in 1500 pages
hardbound, though…


For Silver and Gold medic alerts try Quality Gold -
They are very nice people. I am not sure who makes base metal medic
alerts. Good luck! Rachel Silber Silber’s Inc. & Abraxas Internacional


Karen, I made a medic alert bracelet for a special customer of mine.
I ordered the sterling medic alert watch tag from Rio and cut off
the excess metal.

Good luck,
Deb Karash



This is really timely, as I was just asked to make a medic alert for
a friend’s daughter who is allergic to bee stings. There are
certain components which I think I have to abide by, but you are
right, is there a standard? One section will be resin inlay with
bee pollen and bees wings which I plan to mount on a silver backing.
The engraving on the back is for the Which I can
customize with a phone number and contact person.

I would imagine that the cadeus on the front should be standard.



Karen, We handmade a quite beautiful medic alert bracelet for a
customer. It seems that as long as the medic sign is quite clearly
displayed on the front (we had it hand engraved and then used one of
Gesswein’s antiquing solutions for gold) and the medical conditions
are clearly written on the back there are no rules or regulations.
Incidentally, while the front piece looks quite similar to a normal
medic alert bracelet (although it is gold) the bracelet itself had
all different colored tourmalines bezel set all the way around. I
recall that she did check with her doctor and he approved the

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140


One of the best companies for this item can be found at
"". This is a broad based company with many styles to
offer. Good luck.

Steve Burns



In fact, Stuller has one SS med alert item on page 589 of the most
recent ‘Finding Book, Vol 36’. It is item number 1261. Not sure
this one will fulfill your need but take a look. Cheers from Don at
The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine
jewelry! @coralnut1


Hi Karen,

DRS carries the best supply of Medical Alert pieces of jewelry. I
don’t know their number off the top of my head but you can email me
and I’ll send it to you. Speidel also carries a line of surgical
steel that is gold plated if you want yellow color.

As far as engraving, I let that up to the customer and usually have
them ask their physician what should be on it. They can also
register with the National medical alert and record their entire
medical history. They will be assigned a registration number that
can then be engraved on the back of the bracelet.

Kevin Fertenbaugh
Hasko Jewelers


Kevin, Thanks for your suggestion. Personally I want to make more
custom pieces that resemble protection talismans rather than the
standard medical alert, while maintaing the integrity of the symbol.
Good idea about the doctor though. Cheers! -karen


I’d be VERY careful about this. Remember the main purpose of the
medic alert: as a clear warning message to people who are attending
someone in an emergency. I would strongly recommend making your
piece look as similar to standard medic alert tags as possible!
Otherwise, there’s a risk that hospital emergency personnel might
mistake it for a piece of ordinary jewellery, and neglect to check
it for instructions. Especially if you were to decorate it - if I
were working in a hospital and saw something pretty like that, it
would never occur to me that it was a medic alert tag. Someone could
die as a result.



I have to agree with this. I have worked in the emergency
room. We check valid medical alerts. They are usually noticed when
someone takes your pulse! The ones in your wallet are found when we
call next of kin. The one around the neck are often ignored,
mistaken for religious jewelry or simply not seen until too late.
Stick with the standard id bracelet, engraved on the back if you
want to save someone’s life!

Louise Roys