Source for Kakadu sawblades?

Good day, everyone,

My fellow students and I are still looking for a place to buy Swiss
lazer cut Kakadu brand sawblades. Our Instructor bought out the last
known supply for us, about $700.00 worth, But we need more. (We’re
piercing fools, lol!). I’ve had no luck either locating a USA source
or even the Kakadu factory online, any suggestions/leads would be
most welcome.

Chip Johnson
Roosevelt AZ
Eastern Arizona College Silversmithing Class

The saw blade manufacturers have consolidated in Europe and there are
two dominant manufacturers left, one in Germany & other in
Switzerland. Most brands that you see on the market are private
labels of the distributors or exporters in Europe. As far as I
remember Kakadu was a generic brand & it is not being used. At present
the Swiss Blades have captured the market and they are the best. Pike,
Laser, Flash, Scies are actually made by the same manufacturer these
are brands under which the same blade is being marketed

Kenneth Singh