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Source for industrial diamonds?

Folks, In the Exhibition in Print in Metalsmith this year, an artist
is featured who uses industrial diamonds in an intriguing way.
Which got me to thinking about them, too, for a different set of
designs. However, despite online searches and a decent amount of
investigation, I haven’t been able to figure out where to get them.
The industrial diamond dealers online specialize in using them for
abrasives, and they’re too small …

Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or give me some
advice about prices for them? At this point, I’m just considering
their appropriateness.

Karen Goeller

Hello Karen I can’t give you any prices for Industrial Diamonds per
se, but I want to let you know that my Father, Maurice Lewy, was the
very first Canadian to introduce Industrial Diamonds to this
country. Diamond tools and abrasive cutting wheels were his own
original design. It was back in the year 1947 when we all came to
Canada from England he noticed that he then was the originator of
this newer business. Although he did very well helping the English
industry get through the War Effort while living in England. So it
was also that the “National Film Board of Canada” made a small 15
minute exposure of his new business. …“Lorne Green” was the
announcer of this film. Interesting fact,eh? Gerry Lewy, a.k.a.
“Gerry, the cyber-setter!” @Gerald

Karen - Try Rock Deco. They have a web site at: If they don’t have the uncut diamonds on
the web page, send them an email.

Steven Brixner Design - San Diego CA USA