Source for granules

Does anyone have a source for fine silver and 22K gold granules?
Thank you,

Stephane in foggy drizzly San Francisco

I have a granule dealer. Her name is Ellen Nelson and her
address is She seems to be very fair with
her prices.

They are very easy to make. Just took a workshop with Douglas
Harling on granulation. Will send printout to you if you would
like. Send me your snail address and I will forward.



contact Consolidated refiners
115 Hoyt Ave
Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543
914 698-2300

or S.P.M. Inc.
Box 771
Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543
914 698-5353

i’ve heard good things about both, but haven’t used either.
good luck.

doug zaruba

Hi Stephanie,

Have you tried Hoover & Strong for 22 kg granules and other
supplies? They’re an excellent and reputable source. Their
toll-free number is: 1-800-759-9997. Address: 10700 Trade Road,
Richmond, Va. 23236. Dot in customer service is really helpful.
Good luck, and hope the rain has stopped in S.F. (it’s raining
here in NYC, too!). -Madeline @ Arts Umbrella Studio

Does anyone have a source for fine silver and 22K gold granules?

On 4/3/99 Ellen Nelson posted about purchasing
granules from a supplier in order to take a class. At the time,
she was looking to sell the ones she wasn’t going to use, which
I’m assuming she’s already done. However, she probably still has
the supplier’s name. Her email was laura