Source for German Pearl Clasp Parts and Niello

A Supplier for Tools and findings in Germany is:
Karl Fischer GmbH
Berliner Strasse 18
Postfach 567
D-75105 Pforzheim
Phone: 0049 7231 31 0 31
Fax: 0049 7231 310 300

The clasp you described is called “Bajonett Schloss” (Schloss means
clasp). They do them with drilled ends and they do a 2,7 Mill and 3,5
Mill Diameter one with jumprings(Silver, 8ct,14ct,18ct). If that is
not exactly what you need they might know someone who does better.
They are pretty good and they do speak some english. You can order via
Fax which makes it more predictable. They also do an english catalog.

By the way: They do Niello as a fine powder. All you have to do is.
apply it to the Jewellery and add some ammonia. (Page 201 in the
cataloge) So don’t bother to make it yourself. I have ordered it and
used it and it works.

This is my first contribution, thank to all of you for yours!

Ortwin or should I say Herrmann the German from very old England