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Source for Delrin Rod Stock

Does anyone out there in Orchid Land know where I can buy a small
amount (12") of black delrin rod stock in various diameters–1/4",
1/2", and 3/4". Tucson may have a great Gem Show but there seems to
be no retail plastic dealers in town. I want to make some pushers
for a repousse technique I recently learned at a Marcia Lewis
workshop. By the way she was an excellent teacher and a very
considerate lady.

Pat Glover

Pat, Try Small Parts, Inc. they carry delrin in every diameter that
you are looking for.



I have had great success dealing with Modern Plastics. They do not
have minimums, and they have a sale section that has lots of smaller
pieces of the kinds of things you want. I got my delrin rod from
them. Their url is You can do a search on the
item you want, or send a price quote request. They are based on CT,
but ship everywhere, including internationally.

I found them while looking for a better plexi for making matrix
dies. They have a product called Spartech Polycast Cell Cast
Plexiglass that is truly wonderful to work with. Easy to saw and
file, and it holds up under the pressures of hydraulic press work.

hope that helps,
Anne Hollerbach

TAP Plastics might be a source and you can find them online.

Pat here are some sources I have dealt with.

Hi Pat,

Here’s one:
It’s a division of Small Parts, a great resource for all kinds of
stuff! How are you going to repousse with the stuff?

Linda in soggy MA

I would give a try for this. Just looked and
they offer cut to length in 1 ft increments.

A2Z Metalsmith Supply Inc
5151 S Federal Blvd Unit I-9
Littleton CO 80123
720 283-7200 Phone
720 385-2118 Fax

southwest liquadators over by the airport has delrin rod sheet
blocks cubes and any other strange type of material that is known to
man sometimes they have real nice tools like lindstrome pliers and
side cutters for 2 bucks a pair and lots of swiss tweasers for a
buck I think they sell the stuff for about one dollar a pound you
just have to dig for what you want I found some nice teflon blocks
there yesterday. The stuff comes from the deathstar {raytheon}.