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Source for Bone Bead

hi, I’m looking for a wholesale source for a bead I saw in a bead
store. It was carved bone in the form of:

 (    )  )
	    (   )  )
		(  )  )

more or less. It was a form with three branches. I have been
ordering catalogs right and left but haven’t found it yet. Anyone
have any ideas?


Elaine Luther
Northern Illinois
Certified PMC Instructor

You might want to try Beads and Pieces. They do a lot with bone
beads, and they might carry it.

Elizabeth Schechter
R-F-X (formerly known as Silverhorn Designs)
6400 Baltimore National Pike
Suite #170-A, #445
Baltimore, MD 21228

Elaine, I can carve anything you want, on anything that you want for
short production runs