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Source for Abalone Pearls

Hi all:

I have a client who wants to purchase a teardrop shaped abalone
pearl. Does anyone know of a supplier, I am at a loss for finding
one. Thank you in advance for your time spent.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA
"Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it."

Linda, Try King’s Ransom, 415-331-2650. I know she carries abalone
pearls, not sure what shapes she has, but beautiful stuff. You can
also email Betty Sue at


Linda, Try Craig Boisvert in San Louis Abispo at 800 549-1007 or 805
546-8421. There is another supplier in Fresno, CA who is a member of
Orchid, maybe he will respond to you as well. Barbara Bequette

Dear Linda,

There is a Australian who has set up a abalone ;'blister pearl farm
here in a southern island. I say that one of his styles is a tear
drop shape probably used for earrings. If you want I can give you
his mobile phone number is this is not too far out of place. They
were probably about 25-30 $ each if I remember but the quality is
very good.

regards, Sharron in Saigon getting ready to move from a termite
ridden apartment into a clean one with a balcony!!

HI Linda,

Try for the USA

there are a few here in New Zealand but the only one I know of with a
web site is

Chris Hackett

Try emailing for abalone pearls. I bought some
abalone pearls from them a while back. I’m not sure they are at the
same address,but they may be. Annette

Hi Linda,

Try Empress Abalone Pearl in New Zealand - email I don’t have anything to do with them, but they
have been very responsive when I have dealt with them.