Source for a lady's watch strap

Hello Orchidland, I inheirited my mothers white gold watch from the
40’s. It’s been cleaned and runs beautifully, but the numbers are
too small for me to see! Anyway, I am giving it to my daughter (who
can still see small print!) and want to put it on a suitable strap.
I’ve seen pictures of a strap made from gold mesh (instead of black
cord) that had a fitting that went through the end pieces of the
watch case. It had a metal clasp that could be adjusted on the mesh
for fitting the wrist. Does anyone know if a white gold mesh wrist
watch strap like this can still be found? I’d rather remain true to
the original design than cut down a gold link bracelet, which is my
current option. Thanks everyone. Don’t forget to make your Orchid
support donation if your birthmonth is August. I’ve sent mine in
via PayPal - very easy. Judy in Kansas

Judy, that kind of watch band is in stock in my building at Ernest
Weiss Co., 607 S Hill St Ste 651, L.A., CA 90014 (213) 625-8736. The
one they have is plated white metal, but I have a friend who MIGHT
have one in white gold. If that’s what you’d prefer, let me know and
I’ll find out. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings