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[Source] Fluorite


I had posted this request a while ago but the header got a bit
messed up so I’ll bet few of you saw it.

This is a plea for help finding something rather specific, and the
timing seems good for those going to Tuscon.

I’m in the market for some fluorite beads, in the long oval shape,
drilled lengthwise, in roughly 18mm - 20mm lengths. I’m looking for
the fluorite that is a pale lavenderish/pink or pale blue, fairly
solid color. If not fluorite, I could consider chalcedony in the
same shape, size, and very pale color range. This will be paired
with amethyst and pearls to give you a feel for color.

The shape I’m looking for can be seen as the main “drop” (this one
has a bead at the end) in the picture at:

I’d like about 20 of them (or more depending on price and quality),
with at least 7 of them closely matched in color, size and shape for
a specific commission.

If you find them and find coordinating smaller shapes (rounds or
smaller ovals with similar proportions), I would also consider buying
a bunch of those.

My previous supplier of these has no recollection where she obtained
them and while she’s “looking” for them, she’s been doing so for a
couple of months now. The commission I need them for needs a final
design by the end of February, so I need to know rather soon whether
I can obtain them or need to design around something else. Online
searches have turned up nothing so far.

Any help you all can give - particularly those of you heading to
sunny, warm, dry Tuscon - will be HUGELY appreciated.

Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Karen - The BEST fluorite strands I’ve seen at shows are from in NYC. Their materials have the best
finish, they carry novel shapes and unusual stones, and their prices
are reasonable. That said - I’ve never dealt with them over the
web, so I don’t know how accommodating they would be for special
selected items. I know their show prices are lower than their web
prices (they are in the wholesale area at shows which might account
for it). I’ve bought from them a lot in the past, but doubt if my
purchases were large enough to make me a good referral; but you can
mention a recommendation from Earthly Wealth if you like.