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[Source] Fluorite long oval beads

Folks, I’m looking for fluorite beads in a lavender or pale blue
color, in roughly 18 - 20mm x 6-ishmm oval or elongated teardrop,
drilled lengthwise. My previous supplier doesn’t remember where she
got them and hasn’t seen any more of them lately. I have a
commission for which I’ll need several of them, and would be willing
to purchase 20 (or more if the price is right).

The shape and roughly the color “type” I’m looking for can be seen
in a small picture at: -pearl-neck.jpg

Anyone out there see anything like that? Would anyone be willing to
keep an eye out for them at Tuscon and nab them for me if you find
them? If so, please contact me directly.

Many thanks!
Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry